Friday, January 14, 2011

Tubuh Indah and Memek Davina Veronica

Davina Veronica Foto Telanjang in Adult Magazine.Davina Veronica Hariadi woman is the birth of Jakarta, 20 October 1978 which has the women's profession as a model and Indonesian women.First-born child of 2 brothers from Guntur pair Hariadi (father) and Patricia Gontha (mother) was a magazine cover model finalists 

Anita Cemerlang 1995, and the champion and the third race favorite Cover Girl Mode magazine in 1996. Women's high as 173 cm which is also an Italian fans and it has a student at the Faculty of Communication Public Relations Department, University of Pelita Harapan.Women's bloody Java-Manado this headline had some ads and video clips of models from Humania, Ahmad Band, Dewa 19, Hedi Yunus band home to the city gudeg Sheila on 7. Davina is a muallaf.


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